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Objective keno

Firstly, the game of keno has the objective to guess the numbers drawn. The player can choose between two and five numbers in a choice of 80 numbers (between 1 and 80 numbers) found on a map. A basket is filled with balls with numbers in question and the draw takes place. 20 balls are then drawn at random. It is an advantage of chance in which the strategy is reached very soon. Indeed, winning at keno is a matter of luck. Some choose their lucky numbers, such as birthdays or lucky numbers, others will rely completely randomly choose numbers without special meaning. Keno recalled the bingo operation, where numbers are selected and the balls are drawn with the numbers listed above, but the rules are substantially different because keno bets and offers more possibilities than bingo. The goal may be to choose numbers that will be learned, but not only!

The rules of keno

Keno does not impose rules difficult to understand, this is a game simple and accessible but can pay big dividends. The difference is that the bingo different bets can be made different predictions about the different bets are possible to bet on a number that will be fired, or bet on a number that will not pull, it is also possible to bet " all winners, "which means that all numbers should be chosen in advance from last to win and it is possible to build lower / higher, which amounts to bet on the numbers of selected numbers on the top or bottom of the card. At each draw keno, called "Race Keno" (Keno and Race in French), is a number.

The conduct of keno

First, the player must choose between placing different bets listed above, then the player must choose to bet by choosing between 2 and 15 numbers. On the map, the marked numbers are called "spots" (boxes in French). This means that when two numbers are chosen to bet on Keno ticket is called "Two spots," he called "three spots to number three," for spots to number four and so on until 15. The basket ball spins when the numbers were selected and finally, the winning numbers appear, according to the numbers in common between those selected and those that are displayed, the gains are determined. It is possible to keep the numbers selected for an upcoming party or to change these numbers, the choice remains at the discretion of the player.

Online keno

Online casinos often offer this fun and easy, online keno is played in exactly the same way as usual keno, casinos put in place a system of random numbers, in order to reproduce the same chance that reign in a game of keno. If you like gambling, but the bingo you seemed a little too simplistic, then keno is for you! With its various development opportunities, keno is a fun game that is fun to play with the options proposed.

Highest Casino Bonuses

As for regular poker, Video Poker has a goal to finish the game with the best possible hand. However, as you play against a machine only, bluffing and other strategic issues vital to winning poker is not taken into account in video poker online.

Of course, one must know the basic rules of poker to be competent at video poker online, that is to say about winning combinations of poker hands and use a little of her knowledge and experiences in terms of poker obtain the best possible hands. The goal of video poker games is to get on the coils or rolls, a winning combination of cards, based on poker hands as you already know (full, color ...) You can choose what (s) card ( s) retain or replace as you keep in memory the best 5 card hand wins the game.


The objective of Baccara is to bet on the value of the opponent's hand or the "banker" (the banker), deducting what hand is closest to 9. This is a card game that is played against the house.

The value 9 may seem a low value, but the cards usually worth 10 (10, jack, queen and king) are worth zero in Baccara, while the ace is counted as 1. If one hand has a combination of equivalent or greater than 10, this combination will have a zero value for the total is always equal to or below 9.

You must bet on different hands, the possibilities available to you are betting on: The player's hand, the Banker's hand, or bet on a tie.


Blackjack is an exciting game, his goal is to get as close to the value 21 to be closer to the figure that the house you're playing against. The cards have normal values: the ten, jack and the lady are worth 10 points while the ace can be worth either one, then 11 points, player's choice. Interest shall never exceed the number 21 because more than 21 in blackjack is playoff and causes an immediate loss.

We must therefore make every effort not to have a combination of cards whose value is greater than 21. In a casino or an online casino, the goal remains the same whether the player number is 1 or 3, players n'affrontent the house and not between them adversaries.A usefull guide about the Blackjack games and information on all your other favorite online casino games.

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