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Goals of poker games

Despite the wide variety of poker games that you can find, the goal remains the same: to finish with the best hand and win the pot. Of course, different strategies are taken into account, for example, poker is a game where you can win with a bad hand by bluffing (pretending that his hand is good until the end). It takes some experience to be competent at online poker, but for novices, beginner's luck is not excluded! The various forms of poker games online include, primarily, Texas Hold'em is the most popular since the '70s, Stud 5 or 7 cards, Omaha Hi / Lo, Draw Each ... these variants may play Pot Limit and No Limit, so many variations that allow the player to choose how he plays, according to its own criteria such as experience, ability to be comfortable in such the nuances of online poker ...

Poker Game Rules

In private committee, the version is the most played poker, or draw in English, where all five cards are visible to the player himself, while the version of Texas Hold'em, the form of online poker The most popular is a combination of open and closed maps, giving a significantly different course at this game, getting a good hand is a major advantage when playing poker games but a whole strategy can apply, which gives so much spice to this game! poker pros will tell you, an analysis of sign language, the number of cards changed, the expression of the opponent's face ... are points that can help the experienced play of knowing without seeing the whole What is the hand or opponents. We can mention, strictly speaking, general rules, each variant has different rules and strategies, however, homogenization is underway.

History of poker games

The process is significantly different that is played in a poker site online, in a closed room or in tournaments. Indeed, the advantage of online play is that the game does little organization. At home, whatever the hour, you'll be able to log in and go to a site offering online poker games. Many rooms are busy almost permanently, some rooms offering poker games hosting over 6,000 players during the hours of highest attendance or during tournaments.Some tips to learn how to bluffThe bluff is the notion most evocative of poker, especially for novice players who bluff and poker are almost synonymous! Yet, the main error is to bluff too often, especially if the opponents are the same, he will see quickly the trick. Once you decide to bluff, of course, behave as if you had an excellent game in hand we must not forget the primary objective of the bluff, an opponent with a better game than you goes down. Keep in mind that you are always observed, that your expressions and your gestures have almost as much as the value of your cards!

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As for regular poker, Video Poker has a goal to finish the game with the best possible hand. However, as you play against a machine only, bluffing and other strategic issues vital to winning poker is not taken into account in video poker online.

Of course, one must know the basic rules of poker to be competent at video poker online, that is to say about winning combinations of poker hands and use a little of her knowledge and experiences in terms of poker obtain the best possible hands. The goal of video poker games is to get on the coils or rolls, a winning combination of cards, based on poker hands as you already know (full, color ...) You can choose what (s) card ( s) retain or replace as you keep in memory the best 5 card hand wins the game.


The objective of Baccara is to bet on the value of the opponent's hand or the "banker" (the banker), deducting what hand is closest to 9. This is a card game that is played against the house.

The value 9 may seem a low value, but the cards usually worth 10 (10, jack, queen and king) are worth zero in Baccara, while the ace is counted as 1. If one hand has a combination of equivalent or greater than 10, this combination will have a zero value for the total is always equal to or below 9.

You must bet on different hands, the possibilities available to you are betting on: The player's hand, the Banker's hand, or bet on a tie.


Blackjack is an exciting game, his goal is to get as close to the value 21 to be closer to the figure that the house you're playing against. The cards have normal values: the ten, jack and the lady are worth 10 points while the ace can be worth either one, then 11 points, player's choice. Interest shall never exceed the number 21 because more than 21 in blackjack is playoff and causes an immediate loss.

We must therefore make every effort not to have a combination of cards whose value is greater than 21. In a casino or an online casino, the goal remains the same whether the player number is 1 or 3, players n'affrontent the house and not between them adversaries.A usefull guide about the Blackjack games and information on all your other favorite online casino games.

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